Homes for sale near Walt Disney World Fl.

Celebration, Florida is a planned community created by a real estate division of The Walt Disney Company. Celebration, the town Disney founded, near Orlando, Florida, USA was modeled on traditional style homes from all over America. Yet this is a modern new city, only started in 1994. There are single family homes, townhouses modeled on Georgian rows seen in many towns throughout the US, There are ante-bellum mansions reminiscent of the old South, modern condominiums and studio apartments above garages. The Walt Disney Company commissioned famous architects to create the master plan and to design the buildings. 

Located near the Walt Disney World Resort in Osceola County, Celebration homes are literally in the thick of it all. It is part of the Orlando-Kissimmee Metropolitan Area and boasts approximately 11,000 residents. Buyers considering a home in Celebration will find that its neighborhoods are designed to offer peace, quiet and tranquility right in the middle of one of Florida’s biggest attraction districts. Ever since its inception in the early 1990s, Celebration’s status as a Walt Disney Company experiment in community.

Everett and Jennifer Scott your Celebration Home Team: 407-201-6004


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